What’s the deal with the Curve Cycling CXR?

There’s just something about a titanium bike. Its compliance smooths out the rough stuff and with the right geometry and tubing, is still stiff enough to respond to railing a corner or putting the power down. It may be heavier than carbon, but it’s much lighter than steel, and when it comes down to it, a well-built titanium bike just feels amazing to ride; amazing in a way that’s hard to put your finger on. With this in mind, we designed the Curve Cycling CXR  as a cyclocross race weapon. But since it’s release it has become so much more. It’s been more accidental than good planning, but we’ve managed to create a super versatile, all in one machine. We might race CX from time to time.

Source: What’s the deal with the Curve Cycling CXR?

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