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No matter how beautiful a bike is, it is incomplete until it is ridden. The bike is nothing without a rider. Therefore, to make a perfect bike, its rider must be present in the design. If people came in just five standard sizes the evolution of the bicycle would be complete, but we are all different. Every rider is unique, and a bicycle can only improve a rider’s performance if it respects their individual differences.To make a bike that is super light, fast and still comfortable is something special indeed. But there is a quality beyond that, something special that’s been a part of all our favorite bikes over the years, something that causes them to lodge in our hearts. What’s important to us is to build bikes that have that quality. Special bikes. Favorites. And it’s important that they are this way not for the first year or two, but for at least a decade. We hope that our bikes, most of them anyway, are lifers.With this in mind, all stages of manufacturing from C.A.D., to tube mitring, to butting and to painting are completed in-house, to ensure absolute control. We machine our own head tubes, bottom brackets and dropouts to optimise the alignment, weight and stiffness. We do our own butting, shaping and heat-treating under the same roof. All of our frames are painted in the paint facility we developed with the help of PPG, the worlds leading supplier of high performance paints. Every detail of our bikes is ours, so that every nuance of your bike will be yours.

Source: Baum Cycles | hand crafted bicycles

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