BBQ Food Bite

Bertie and I have been looking around our local Campsie eatery’s and slowly trying them one by one. Finally, on Saturday, we decided to hit up Yan Bian. We had read some good reviews, and whilst the food was OK, we were a bit put back at the expense of the food. The skewers (chicken, beef, lamb and mushroom) were tasty and of good quality (I loved the cumin flavouring), although they seemed small and expensive for the amount you paid. The beans and pork was a standout, had a heap of chilli through it, not an issue for us, but some might find it to be hot (we like it hot 🙂 ) Potatoe cakes were filling, and beer was nice and cold. Whilst we have a long list of places to visit, I don’t see us rushing back unless to try the noodle soups; they looked pretty dam tasty.

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