Where’s Nick




When you walk in and see walls lined with bottles and bottles of wine (120 and counting), you know you’re onto a winner. Add in the fact that they’re au natural and you can say CYA to the rest of your afternoon. Speaking of, we’d like to introduce you to our new friend, Where’s Nick.

The two restauranteur brothers, Julian and Dominic Abouzeid, named the place in honour of their third brother Nick who is, well, more of a customer than a co-founder. Ah Nick, we feel ya.

Here, you’ll learn a thing or two from the best in the biz (seriously these guys used to be the wine buyers for Oak Barrel) in communal classes or just over the counter as you work your way through the ever-changing chalkboard selections of whites, reds and every colour in-between (here’s looking at you rosé).

There are wines you can’t pronounce but wish you could (ciropicariellofiano from Campania, anyone?), served up in glasses bigger than your head. While you sip, snack on some food glorious food from the bar menu (here’s looking at you, you big cheesy pizza). We’re talking duck and vegetable rillettes, serrano and fig mini pizzas and for dessert, ‘Julian’s chocolate plate’ is all the chocolatey goodness we could ever need.