Road Bike Wheels Explained |

The wheels on your bike literally keep you moving and as your only contact point to the ground, will have a considerable impact on your ride quality. Sure the drivetrain will push you along, and the frame will also have a significant impact on ride quality, but the wheels are the first element of the bike to feel road vibration, terrain, changes in profile and most importantly, transfers your effort on the bike to an outcome on the road. Matching the right wheels for your riding style is important, as is having a reliable set that still offer good levels of performance.Upgrading a bike’s wheels is a popular decision thanks to the performance and ride benefits they offer. Upgrading your wheels can achieve faster speeds, better handling, aerodynamic benefits, reduced weight, better durability and improved overall ride quality.But before you go shelling out for a shinny new set of wheels, read this buyer’s guide where we take you through everything you need to know about road bike wheels.

Source: Road Bike Wheels Explained |

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