Deep House

Studying specific music literature about deep house we can often see the statement about this music been made by people not machines. Actually that’s true in a sort—and at the dawn of deep house development it was true even more. In the second half of the 80s deep house music was still full of evident synthetic percussion and samely vocal fragments—the creators of new electronic music age could not get enough of those great opportunities that sampler could give them. One can hardly call house music monotonous but it is clearly lacking for sensuality in self-expression.

In 1988 a new edition of “Can you feel it” track on a separate plate came out under Jack Trax label. Its instrumental original version, which is considered to be the first deep house track, was released two years earlier—in 1986 as part of a mini-album “Washing machine”. But it’s a modified vocal version containing a famous sample (where Chuck Roberts appears as a preacher in front of the listeners) that made a real splash back then and still sound pretty cool nowadays. This is where the house story begins:

Deep house today has successfully been commercialized; it can be no longer called just a couple of medium-sized musical editions’ fun game. As mentioned above the word ‘deep’ is versatile and volume. Each label defines itself what should and what shouldn’t be attributed to deep house and which composition deserves to wear this proud name. Most of the time the releases that we see as a result look like a 20-years-old compilation just having the same name and including the melancholic vocal parties with the stories of the unseen. However you can still find good old deep house sounds that gives you that nostalgia feeling compared to nothing else.

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